About Us


The mission of SEL4CT is to empower Connecticut children of all ages to thrive in school and life by supporting effective social and emotional learning programs, policies, and practices in communities throughout the state.


We envision a future where:

  • Connecticut communities, schools, and families serve as centers of safe, caring, and supportive activity where young people succeed academically and develop the life skills necessary to solve problems, manage emotions, and form positive relationships with others.
  • Adults are empathetic, resilient, culturally aware, compassionate, and responsive.
  • Opportunities for parents, caregivers, educators, support teams (such as therapists and social workers), and the community at large to learn about, support, and participate in activities to strengthen social emotional learning.


Our strategic goals are to:

  1. Build statewide awareness for SEL and related approaches.
  2. Advocate for state and local SEL-related policies and funding.
  3. Provide opportunities for SEL stakeholders, including educators, child care providers, administrators, youth, parents, educator preparation programs, policymakers, community organizations, afterschool programs, businesses, and SEL providers to learn about and share SEL advocacy, research, theory and best practices.
  4. Connect a broad range of SEL stakeholders to coordinate and support implementation across the state.

What’s Ahead

SEL4CT is just getting started and we need your help and support! Learn more about our upcoming meetings and how you can get involved. Questions? Ideas? Contact us



Build community awareness for SEL and its impact


Advocate for state and local SEL policies and funding


Connect local SEL stakeholders to learn about and share research, advocacy and best practices