Beating the Winter Blues

Beating the Winter Blues

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As we move away from being outside during the colder months some of us may feel a bit more sad, tired, and lonelier than normal. Many of us refer to this as the “winter blues”. We, here at SEL4CT, wanted to provide you with some helpful tips to stay cheerful and positive during this time. 

One great way to increase your positive mood in these winter months is to soak up as much sunshine as possible. As the sun begins to set sooner and the days grow shorter, it is important for our mental and physical health to get as much sunshine as possible. Real Simple suggests soaking up the early morning light instead of waiting till the afternoon. BonAppetit suggests trying to realign your schedule with the changing of daylight hours. Now this might be difficult for some of us in which case you can try light therapy.

Another trick to beat the winter blues is to eat healthier, comforting foods. VeryWell Mind suggests eating foods packed with vitamin D to supplement the lack of natural vitamin D absorbed through the skin from sunshine. Everyday Health suggests making yourself a cup of hot cocoa with real milk to add calcium, vitamin D, and even a little protein back into your diet – plus who doesn’t love a hot cup of hot cocoa! 

While it is important to enjoy sunshine and eat better, it is also just as important to continue your exercise routine throughout the winter months. It might seem like a painful chore to lace up your boots and go for a winter walk or head out to the gym, but exercise is a great way to release endorphins and increase positive affect. The article “Winter blues? 6 ways to improve mood and energy suggests getting about 2.5 hours of moderate exercise each week, which can be about a half hour walk five days a week. Another great way to get some exercise is going sledding with the kids! Parents & Kids reminds us that our kids aren’t afraid of the cold and what’s more fun (and exhausting) than going sledding for an hour or so.

Now, we do understand that some people suffer from Seasonal Affect Disorder (SAD). If you believe you might suffer from SAD please see these resources to better understand the symptoms and treatment options. As always it is important to speak with your doctor or pediatrician if you believe that you or your child suffers from SAD.

Beat the Winter Blues: Shedding Light on Seasonal Sadness discusses what SAD is, why it occurs in some people, and some treatment options.

How to Beat the Winter Blues provides a brief overview in the difference between “winter blues” and SAD, along with a discussion of when to seek professional help.

Beating the Winter Blues discusses the key symptoms of SAD, some ways to lessen the symptoms, and when to seek professional help.

Remember that we can’t change the season, but we can take steps to warm ourselves from the inside out!

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