Black History Month 2023

Black History Month 2023

February is Black History Month and we at SEL4CT wanted to take a moment to recognize this important time. This website provides a multitude of in person and virtual ways to expand your knowledge of Black History Month including art exhibits, books, artwork, and resources specifically for educators. NPR has also created a multitude of broadcasts, videos, and articles dedicated to Black History Month. However, if you are working with a younger audience the National Education Association has created lesson plans to discuss Black History Month for multiple grade levels. The city of Bridgeport also put together a small newsletter highlighting the national theme of Black Resistance and activities occurring in the city during this month. We are sharing these resources now at the end of the month to emphasize the ongoing importance of sharing this infomation beyond and outside of Black History Month.

If you are looking for more resources please visit our Race, Equity, and SEL page.

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