Brown Bag Lunch Blog: #1 September 2020, Choose Love with Scarlett Lewis

Brown Bag Lunch Blog: #1 September 2020, Choose Love with Scarlett Lewis

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September 24, 2020  Lunch 1:  Featuring Scarlett Lewis, Choose Love Movement Founder

As we all know, this year has been filled with a variety of challenges.  At SEL4CT, we are trying to figure out how we can best work and organize in this new environment.  We understand that everyone is busy as they work in the new normal and prepare to pivot for whatever the next change brings.  Considering that many of you are the SEL champions in your world, we thought an opportunity to connect around this work might be helpful.   

This brainstorm led us to launch our Brown Bag Virtual Lunches as an opportunity to discuss the major themes and needs across the SEL arena.  This includes front line educators and mental health professionals to those in administrative leadership positions to health care professionals, parents and business leaders.  Understanding that the field is broad and SEL is for everyone, we want to make advocacy and resources available to all parties interested in making these skills available to others.  We thought having brief meetings with those interested in learning more from others about their SEL own work and communities across our state would be a great place to start.  Something anyone could join in and find some benefit–a new idea, a new connection, a listening ear, or new ally. 

We were honored to have Scarlett Lewis, founder of the Jesse Lewis Choose Love Movement and supporter of SEL4CT, join us for our first monthly lunch.  She discussed the importance of SEL and some of her work with groups, organizations, and communities across the country.  This included sharing about her curricula and working to address meeting the needs for SEL for everyone.  While it is extremely important that SEL be taught in schools, spreading this learning outward is imperative because community members at all levels from musicians to inmates and police can benefit and have begun to do so in some fashion. 

If you are looking for a free curriculum to try out in your program, your home or your community the Jesse Lewis Choose Love Movement is worth investigating.  Scarlett encourages you to use it along with other resources as well, understanding the importance of finding the most effective tools for you.  

Want to hear more? You can view the lunch discussion here.

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