Bullying Prevention Month

Bullying Prevention Month

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October is Bully Prevention Month, but we wanted to remind you that although the month has ended, the need for bullying prevention continues year round. The website created by the US government provides some great resources on the different types of bullying and what kids, teens, and adults can do to help stop and prevent bullying. According to StopBullying.gov 20% of students aged 9 – 18 years report experiencing bullying nationwide. 

According to the Center on PBIS, bullying prevention includes educating “students to identify and respond effectively to the bullying and harmful behavior of others’ needs to match the students’ developmental level”. The Center on PBIS also discusses the importance of bullying prevention methods, as any student involved in bullying tends to do worse in school than other students not involved in bullying. We all know the damages that bullying can have on children and even adults but sometimes the bullying is not recognized by the perpetrator or the victim which is why it is important to recognize the behaviors associated with bullying. According to The American Federation of Teachers’ article on Bullying Prevention the negative behavior mostly associated with bullying is “intimidation, exclusion, manipulation, threats, rumors and physical aggression” but can also include name calling, teasing, manipulation, and more.

The article, Schoolwide SEL to Prevent Bullying, written by Leah Shafer from Harvard University’s Graduate School, discusses the importance of including SEL lessons in bullying prevention. Aperture Education discusses the importance of building teacher-student relationships and peer-to-peer friendships to prevent bullying. StopBullying.gov discusses the importance of teaching SEL skills such as self-awareness, self-management, and relationship skills to help prevent bullying in school systems. 

With this information in mind, we at SEL4CT decided to gather a few more informational resources:


We hope that this information helps you to continue Bullying Prevention even after the month of October!

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