CAMP: Creative Minds and Positive Spirits

CAMP: Creative Minds and Positive Spirits

Use the arts to embed social and emotional learning into your camp day.

Strengths Collage: Campers create a collage highlighting their personal strengths and achievements, highlighting self-awareness.

Stress Ball Making: Campers create their own stress balls and learn how to use them to manage stress, highlighting self-regulation.

Emotion Charades: Act out different emotions and discuss how to handle each one appropriately, highlighting self-regulation.

Friendship Bracelets: Campers make bracelets and exchange them to symbolize friendship, highlighting relationship skills.

Group Storytelling: Create a story as a group, each camper adding a sentence, highlighting relationship skills.

Trust Walks: Pair campers for a blindfolded walk, during which they must guide each other safely, highlighting relationship skills.

Buddy Reading: Pair older and younger campers for reading time, highlighting mentorship.

Mentor Mornings: Older campers lead morning activities or discussions with younger ones, highlighting mentorship.

Skill Sharing: Campers share and teach each other skills or hobbies they are passionate about, highlighting mentorship.

Nature Walks: Guided walks focusing on observing nature and being present, highlighting mindfulness.

Guided Imagery: Lead campers through a calming, imaginative journey, highlighting mindfulness.

Conflict Role-Playing: Act out common conflicts and practice resolution techniques, highlighting conflict resolution.

Emotion Masks: Create masks representing different emotions, highlighting expression.

Drama Improvisation: Use improv games to explore and express emotions, highlighting expression.

Feelings Art Project: Paint or draw how different emotions feel inside, highlighting expression.

Achievement Awards: Hold a ceremony to highlight campers’ efforts and improvements.

Compliment Circle: Sit in a circle and have each camper give a compliment to the person next to them, highlighting achievements.

Celebration Day: A day dedicated to celebrating each camper’s unique contributions and achievements, highlighting achievements.

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