Update: SEL Day 2022

Unfortunately, we did not receive any participation in our 2022 SEL Day activity. We hope though that our notification of the day enticed you to promote information about SEL to your community. Although SEL Day has passed, we are still excited to hear and read your SEL success stories. Please see the information below for participation in our SEL Success Story page:

Help us celebrate SEL Day 2022!

How can you help us celebrate SEL Day?

  1. Send us your SEL “pro-tip” from the field.  

What works best for you; what have you learned; how should others get started; anything else?  Take a few moments to send us your pro-tip at info@sel4ct.org Sub: SEL Day Pro-Tip.

If you want to stay anonymous, just let us know.  Otherwise, we will credit you and/or your organization as shared in your email.  By sending us this tip you are giving us permission to publish it!

SEL Day 2022 Insta.


This year SEL4CT is celebrating SEL Day by launching an effort to make SEL more accessible and understandable. Our goal is to create a space where anyone can easily learn what it means in a useful, everyday and relatable way. This space will provide simple definitions from across the field, “pro-tips” from SEL4CT members, SEL success stories from SEL4CT practitioners, and a multitude of SEL tools and resources for anyone looking to learn more about SEL. We plan to launch this section of our site on SELday March 11, 2022 and continue to expand moving forward.  

And of course, to achieve this goal we NEED YOUR HELP, SEL4CT Members!

We hope that you will participate in any and all ways you are comfortable with. We would greatly appreciate short videos describing your experiences with SEL – but feel free to share with us in the way you find most exciting, accessible and useful!  

Please note that we want to include all aspects and tools of SEL so that people can use what works best for them and the populations they serve.  We will share more with ongoing requests as we continue to expand this section of our site.  Check our upcoming newsletters for more information.

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