Have you ever felt like Charlie Brown in the middle of a meeting or lecture, where it feels like the speaker just drones on the entire time? Have you ever felt like falling asleep in the middle of that meeting so you decided to doodle on the side of your notes, but then thought someone might see me and think doodling is rude? Well I am here to let you know that doodling during those times is a perfectly acceptable way to help focus your mind and keep you awake during those meetings. According to Harvard, doodling can help to increase memory retention by about 30% as long as the doodle is not taking away your entire attention span. However, if you doodle a little bit here and there throughout the meeting to keep your mind from going blank, you will leave the meeting more refreshed and with more information than someone who ends up staring blankly at the speaker. 

Not only does doodling help with focusing your attention, but so does coloring. As we have seen in recent years coloring books for adults has made a huge wave in art stores and bookstores. Coloring helps to increase focus and relaxation in both children and adults. This brief article by CNN explains how coloring is just as important for adults as it is for children in stress reduction. This short article by Color Psychology discusses the multiple benefits of coloring for children. Coloring helps to improve handwriting, color recognition, and helps to prepare them for school by offering structure.

This extensive article by Positive Psychology explains the many psychological benefits of coloring and art. The article discusses how coloring can increase positive affect, reduce stress and anxiety, and increase mindfulness and focus. The article also provides a multitude of other ideas to help increase mindfulness through art. This article by Scholastic explains the benefits of coloring for children of all ages. The article discusses how coloring can improve fine motor skills, but most importantly it can help improve and foster creativity. Coloring activity books are inexpensive and take little to no preparation – but have a huge impact on creativity, relaxation, focus, and much more. Free drawing and doodling also help to increase creativity levels, as one has to draw what they see in their mind – such as a scene from their favorite book. This brief article by Kids Village discusses the many benefits of coloring with preschoolers. Coloring is important for children as it helps increase fine motor skills, increase hand-strength and pencil holding abilities, and the child’s creativity and self-expression.

For some free coloring pages for both adults and children please check out our SEL4CT coloring pages here.

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