Students across the state are graduating from college and moving forward with their lives. Some of these students are considering college or trade school; others are entering the workforce, while others are taking a break before applying. These students have faced many challenges over the past couple of years, including the covid pandemic, transitions from learning platforms, and decreased social interactions or outlets. However, nonetheless, our students are graduating, and much of this is due to the implementation of SEL. 

Social and emotional learning is not beneficial in the moment, but for future success through all SEL skills. Aperture Education specifically noted that the SEL skills of self-awareness, self-management, and responsible decision-making help to prepare graduates for their next steps in life – be that college or the workforce. Many of us recognize that a student’s knowledge is vital for graduation. Still, it is also essential for students to responsibly decide if they can attend a college class that starts at 8 am or if a fully remote job would benefit their work mentality. This is where the above SEL skills come into play. 

 The Atlantic notes how one branch of schools in Chicago is doing things differently. Interestingly this branch of schools is less focused on college eligibility and more focused on college success through the increase and implementation of SEL skills. As a result, these schools have a 99% college acceptance rate and a rate of 44% of college graduates within six years of acceptance – that is a significant number! This high rate is due to the increased importance placed on students’ social-emotional skills and education. 

 We hope that this information helps you understand the importance of SEL in all schools and to advocate for your future graduates!

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