How to Stay in Your Lane

How to Stay in Your Lane

Sometimes it can be difficult to mind your own business, especially in a world full of judgment. However, what does it mean to mind your own business? Well according to The Art of Living Consciously minding your own business means focusing on yourself and controlling your own actions compared to trying to control others. While not minding your own business can look like judgment, gossip, blaming others, and even trying to solve or “fix” other people’s problems. 

Minding your own business can help decrease your stress levels and improve your relationships with others. According to Tiny Budha, by minding your business you can improve your own feelings of self-worth by not comparing yourself to others (or at least comparing yourself a little less). There are a few ways that you can practice self-control and minding your own business. The Silver Linings Group notes that a great place to start practicing minding your own business is by decreasing your social media use and trying to identify where your negative self-comparisons and judgment come from. While Forbes notes that it can be important to remind ourselves that we may not know the whole story and even if we do the story does not affect us. Forbes also reminds us that it is important to remember that what makes us happy does not always make others happy. 

Now there might be a time and place where you should poke your nose where it does not belong – but these instances are very few and far inbetween. One of these times might be when you are showing care towards another person – such as gently and caringly alerting someone that they have a negative behavior or habit that is concerning. Another time that it might be helpful is when you are advocating for someone else. And of course, when you are genuinely congratulating someone else on their accomplishments can be a good time to poke your nose in someone else’s business. 

Remember – the only person we can control is ourselves!

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