The Importance of Self-Care to SEL

The Importance of Self-Care to SEL

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By Michaella Pontacoloni

Self-care is the act of taking time out of one’s busy day to provide for their own mental and physical health. It can occur in many ways, from eating healthy and taking a short walk outside to turning your phone off occasionally and enjoying a good movie. It also includes the basics like getting enough sleep and ensuring that you are taking time to care for your basic needs. Self-care is important for everyone, especially in times like a pandemic where social and mental health is in a decline.

Of course self-care is also important for those in the SEL field; as many of you have heard the before “you cannot pour from an empty cup.” The adage is true; we can only give our best effort when we feel our best. Although it might seem difficult to take time out of your busy day to practice self-care. Self-care can simply be replacing a sugary snack with a piece of fruit or drinking more water during the day. Another great way to start self-care is by creating a self-care plan or checklist for yourself.

The following are a few resources to check out in your self-care pursuits:

  1. This short article from Mindful helps explain the importance of self-care and how to create your own self-care plan. This article also provides examples of self-care plans and how to stick to your plan.
  2. Check out this Very Well Minded article explaining the different facets of self-care and why it’s important to fulfill them. Remember self-care is about understanding what you need mentally and physically to be the best that you can be!
  3. Wondering how you’re doing with self-care? Click the link below or here (educator focused) for a self-care checklist to help you better assess where you might need to improve to help you create a more effective self-care plan. Here’s a version with a plan worksheet as well.

4. And don’t forget to check out CASEL’s Self-Care resource page for even more strategies.

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