Lets get Outside!

Lets get Outside!

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It is officially fall and for many of us that means enjoying the outdoors as much as possible before winter comes. We wanted to create a wonderful list of fun outdoor activities to do before the cold weather sets in. However, we also wanted to make sure that these activities were safe to participate in while Covid is still an issue. This article by Mayo Clinic explains the important safety reasons of participating in outdoor activities and provides a few great ideas on things to do outside. The CDC has also put together a brief article, Participate in Outdoor and Indoor Activities, to explain the safety of outdoor activities during this time, along with the Mayo Clinic article the CDC also provides some great ideas for outdoor activities. This article by Cleveland Clinic, COVID-19: How to Stay Safe During Outdoor Activities, provides you with some more great information on how to remain safe from Covid in outdoor activities.

Some of these activities include pumpkin and apple picking, fall foliage drives and walks – don’t forget to enjoy the beauty of the nature around you, as discussed by Fatherly in their article 38 Fall Activities for Kids That Are Safe in a Pandemic. Another great fall activity that you and your family can participate in are local fall and Halloween displays, such as the scarecrow fests in Ridgefield, Old Saybrook, and Old Wethersfield. Halloween is also around the corner and although it may not seem like the safest activity during Covid, you and your children can still dress up in fun costumes, enjoy some sweets, and watch a scary movie or two to celebrate the holiday. Trick-or-treating is going to be based on each community, but this article by Cleveland Clinic explains how you can safely enjoy trick-or-treating if permitted by your community. 

One great thing to do as a family is to get out and explore the area of New England. This article by Visit New England provides some great activities to partake in throughout the New England area. If the idea of Connecticut scarecrow festivals does not peak your interest then perhaps one of the activities mentioned in this article by Kids Out and About will give you some ideas on what to do in the Hartford area. These two articles, Outdoor Activities and Just a Sampling of Options for Nature & Outdoors in Connecticut!, put together by the state of Connecticut provide some great family friendly activities to do outdoors throughout the states and at the very least give parents some great ideas to plan for next year. This article by Emerson Hospital provides some great ideas for fall family fun, some of the ideas include planting tulip bulbs for the spring, baking, and creating fall decorations. 

Although fall activities seem like the perfect idea to some, others might be holding onto the idea of summer or maybe they are extreme planners and are preparing activities for next year. No matter what you enjoy doing at this time of the year we wanted to provide everyone with some great activities to get yourself outside – even if it’s minimal because of the cold weather of the shorter days. This article, 13 Fun Ways for Kids to Spend More Time Outside, by Parents provides some great ideas on how to get your kids outside, such as rock collecting, bird watching, and even “off-roading” with toy cars. This great article by The Active Times provides a list of activities for those who live in urban areas or do not have a yard. One great activity that the article mentions is planting potted plants. This activity is a great learning and creative activity for young kids – plus they get to watch the plant grow indoors all winter long. Along with these great activities, Self magazine provides a few more in their article, 12 Outdoor Activities for When You Need to Get Out of the House, such as bringing your exercise outdoors through biking, hiking, and jumping rope. This article by Fatherly provides some more great outdoor activities to participate in – such as making a scarecrow or a neighborhood scavenger hunt.

We hope that this article will inspire you to get out and enjoy the beautiful fall weather.  Remember, social emotional learning is important and is supported through outdoor learning too!

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