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Mindfulness Tools

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Spring Meditation

“Do you have two minutes? That’s enough time to recharge and refocus. Take a quick break to enjoy this spring-inspired guided meditation, led by Neda Gould, Ph.D., director of the Johns Hopkins Mindfulness Program. #MindfulMeditation #JohnsHopkins”

Mindful Eating

Mindful Eating is the practice of involving all senses while eating and focusing solely on your food.

Positive Psychology writes a wonderful article on mindful eating found herePlease visit Berkely’s the Greater Good website for the Raisin Meditation* description and podcast. But here are the basics of the exercise:

  1. Hold the raisin 
  2. Look at the raisin and closely examine it, noticing its divots, sheen, and wrinkled skin
  3. Feel the raisin between your fingers, is it rough or smooth, hard or squishy? (try this part with your eyes closed)
  4. Smell the raisin, notice the slight fragrance of the raisin and pay close attention to your bodily functions (are you salivating?)
  5. Place the raisin on your lips and notice how it makes its way onto your tongue (again, pay attention to your bodily functions – did you notice the reflexes of your arm moving towards your mouth? Did you notice the anticipation of wanting to eat the raisin?)
  6. Slowly chew and taste the raisin. Notice the texture between your teeth, the flavor enveloping your mouth, and the sensation of taste
  7. Swallow the raisin once you are satisfied with the taste and see if you can consciously notice the muscles involved in swallowing
  8. Afterwards, pause and think about everything you experienced during this moment. How did your body feel? Imagine how this exercise can help you appreciate other bites of food.

Enjoy your mindful eating experience!! 

***Please note that you can do this exercise with other foods too, if you are not into raisins, try it with a jelly bean or chocolate like the video below describes!***

Back to School Mindfulness Exercises

Affirmations & Self-Confidence

A 4-Minute Grounding Meditation for Kids

  1. Find a place where you feel comfortable to close your eyes and be still. Take a few breaths in and out, so you can notice your whole body. Notice how you toes feel inside your socks and shoes. Can you feel your heart beating inside your chest? Now imagine you are inside a seed. You are snuggled up in this seed, slowly breathing in and out. Your heart beat is grounding you to the dirt around you. You are quiet and calm. 
  2. Slowly, something is stirring deep inside. Your seed casing is beginning to open. New energy is emerging from inside your heart, belly, and chest. You are sprouting. You are reaching up towards the sunlight above. Your beginning to grow upwards, bathing in sunlight and drinking in the dew droplets. 
  3. You are growing stronger. Your roots are taking hold, they are growing deeper into the earth below. You are becoming secure in your footing. Your body and head grow longer, taller, reaching up towards the sun above, while your roots continue to grow deeper into the ground. You are a seed that is bursting with life. You open up into a big booming tree (or beautiful flower).
  4. Slowly, the light begins to fade, and you slow down again. It’s time to shed your leaves (or petals). You begin to feel lighter as these old leaves drop away. You can let go of the thoughts and feelings you no longer need. Gently shake your body to welcome the removal of these feelings. 
  5. Find your breath again. In and out. In and out. Listen to your heart beating once again. Breathe and listen.  You become the seed once more and calmly sink back into the dirt. You ground yourself once again, listening to your breathing and experiencing the calmness of being a seed. 

For more information on this grounding exercise please see the full article here.

Halloween Mindfulness

We also suggest trying mindful eating with your favorite candy!

More Mindfulness

Holiday Mindfulness

Mindfulness with Tea!

Grounding Mindfulness

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