Native American Heritage Month

Native American Heritage Month

November is Native American Heritage Month and we at SEL4CT wanted to take some time to acknowledge how you and your students might increase your knowledge of this history. The National Native American Heritage Month website provides lots of information about the history of how this month came to be, multiple educational resources for educators, artwork, and more. This is a useful resource for anyone beginning their educational journey of Native American Heritage Month. The National Parks Service (NPS) has dedicated a website to the Native American Heritage Month as well. The NPS website has a wide range of information on this historical month from educator resources to highlighting those of Native American Heritage making changes in the US. PBS also has a whole set of educational videos, video galleries, and lesson plans to teach and learn more about Native American History. PBS breaks these videos, media galleries, and lesson plans by grade level for easy access by educators and parents. 


Along with this historical information we also wanted to provide you with some ways to acknowledge this heritage in our wonderful home state of Connecticut. The CT Children’s Hospital discusses the CT Native American History in their article “Native American Heritage Month: 5 Facts Beyond Imagination.” One interesting fact that this article points out is that the Native American name for Hartford is “Saukiog.” One way you might be able to celebrate the Native American Heritage in Connecticut is by visiting one of the Native American History Museums listed below:

However, we all know that sometimes it can be difficult to get out of the classroom or even out of the house so here are some virtual tours of Native American History:

With all of this wonderful historical information sometimes it is just nice to read a book in class or at home to learn about the history of Native Americans or to just see a face that looks like yours. With that in mind below are two links to different reading resources and book collections celebrating Native American Heritage Month:


We hope these resources encourage you to learn more about Native American Heritage and to share that knowledge with your friends, family, and students!

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