Past Newsletters

Past Newsletters

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Over the best eight months we have created and sent out newsletters to those on our mailing list. However, we thought that those who are not on our mailing list or who might have missed the newsletter in their inbox would like to view them as well. These newsletters are important to our community as they bring special topics together and alert readers of opportunities in the SEL4CT community and beyond. If you have not already done so, please join us to receive our newsletters through email today.

2021 Newsletters

Newsletter #1

Newsletter #2

Newsletter #3

Newsletter #4

Newsletter #5

Newsletter #6

Newsletter #7

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Bullying Prevention Month

October is Bully Prevention Month, but we wanted to remind you that although the month has ended, the need for bullying prevention continues year round.

Native American Heritage Month

Did you know that November is National Native American Heritage Month? We wanted to provide you with a few great ways to celebrate and educate

Difficult Conversations

Difficult conversations are a part of life and it is a large part of our job working in SEL. Although what is a difficult conversation