SEL Week 2024 in CT

SEL Week 2024 in CT

SEL Week In CT: Contests, Videos, and Hashtags, OH MY!

Celebrate Social Emotional Learning All Week with SEL4CT March 4-8.

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On Monday, explore a mindfulness method with Elaine Gallas Licensed Professional Counselor, MACP, LPC . And a chance to win! “Stress and emotional reactions are a normal part of the human experience. Attaching judgmental labels to our experiences gives them power over us. I want to help you take back your power by realizing you are the one in control of the perspective you choose to take when stressors arise or when emotions come forward.”

On Tuesday, check out the celebrities tagged in our post for their words on Empathy! And a chance to win!

On Wednesday, SEL4CT links up with 2-4-1 Sports. 2-4-1 gives kids the freedom to explore imaginative, creative ways to put play back into sports. They encourage kids to be their best selves, creating confidence, friendships, and joy for life. Check out their reel on our Facebook and Instagram pages and have a chance to win!

On Thursday, See who SEL4CT is thankful for and a chance to win!

On Friday, join SEL4CT’s Ashton Gauthier and Aridyan Perez live at SEL4US SEL Day Summit’s. And a chance to win!

Aridyan (A-re-di-an) Perez (She/Her) is a thriving example of how SEL can help youth today become leaders of tomorrow. Aridyan is a former Common Ground High School, New Haven, CT, alumni, Class of 2016. She is now the Communication and Design Specialist at the Connecticut Network for Children and Youth (CTNCY). This Q&A session will allow participants to learn how Aridyan used and applied SEL skills and how they prepared her for life inside and outside of school.  Register here

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