Gratitude Germination Challenge

Gratitude Germination Challenge

Spring is finally here and suddenly longer days, warmer breezes, and singing birdies inspire gratitude here! To celebrate we’d love to help cultivate positive seeds of gratitude in our lives and the community.

For some folks connecting with gratitude is simple, and for others it can require some effort. But, if you’ve ever spent time focusing on what you are grateful for, you have likely seen (or heard) how gratitude not only benefits your mindset, mood, and the quality of company you offer, but in many other ways as well. However, we also know, it can take a little practice. Trust us, it is worth it!

We challenge you to take some time to practice gratitude this month!  However you do it is fine by us, but hopefully you’ll use some evidence-based ideas. You can check out the printable gratitude templates we’ve created so that you can use them for yourself, your family, your office or your classroom!  You can check out any of the links to gratitude information and practices we’ve put together in the table at the bottom of this page.

We would love to see how this works out, so please consider taking some photos of your gratitude reflections in action!  We’ll be sure to feature some of what we receive in a future blog post and share them with you in our next newsletter.   What are we looking for?  Pictures of your gratitude practice in action. We’d love to see worksheets, lists, reminders, jars, activities, games, whatever it is that helps you think of all the things that make you grateful and inspires you to pause and intentionally make note of it.  Look for these entries and ideas in our June newsletter!

And thank you for all the work you do to share these valuable skills with others!

1 of 8 Daily Gratitude Reflection Sheets download the pdf to get them all.
1 of 7 Gratitude Jar Sheets download the pdf to get them all.

Want to find a different method? Check out the Links in the sheet below.

A List of Resources on Cultivating Gratitude
The WhyThe HowWith students
How Gratitude Changes You and Your Brain by The Greater GoodHow to Practice GratitudeClassroom Gratitude Challenge
Gratitude by Psychology TodayGratitude by Character LabWe All Teach SEL: Gratitude Activities and Tools for Students 
The Science Behind Gratitude (and How It Can Change Your Life)Gratitude by Teens HealthThree Gratitude Lessons for K-8 Classrooms
14 Health Benefits of Practicing Gratitude According to ScienceThe Benefits of Gratitude and How to Get StartedGratitude: A Powerful Tool for Your Classroom
What Science Reveals About Gratitude’s Impact on the BrainThe Art of Nurturing Gratitude and AppreciationResources to inspire gratitude in every classroom, every day.
Cultivate Gratitude and Feel Happier With LifeHow to Maintain a Gratitude Journal for Stress ReliefHow to Teach Children Gratitude: It’s more than just saying thank you.
The Importance of Gratitude in Time of COVIDSeven Ways to Foster Gratitude in Kids

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