Self-Care Challenge Follow Up

Self-Care Challenge Follow Up

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And back to self-care…back in February when we challenged you to self-care bingo over the month of March and asked for shares, we didn’t necessarily expect that we’d be flooded with entries. However, it’d be a lie if I didn’t say did expect some… instead we got crickets.  

And that was disappointing. I’m not sure if this is because we are asking too much and offering too little; if it’s because self-care is personal and it feel weird to toot your own horn about taking care of yourself, or if we don’t have enough ideas on ways to try self-care–should we have started with something more basic like brushing your teeth and getting 7 hours of sleep?  (Maybe you’d be willing to send us a note about how you’d like to be better engaged? In the mean time, we’re still going to keep at this newsletter and practice persistence and perseverance skills.)  So, while no one ever stepped forward to claim the two $25 gift cards, we did want to share what has been going on with self-care at “home.”

I recognize self-care has become a bit of a challenge in a few ways over the past year or so for a variety of reasons, but in reaching out to my co-workers at The CT After School Networkwhich powers SEL4CT, there were fantastic replies as to what self-care looks like.  Here are the ideas folks shared.  I hope you find their ideas inspiring and helpful.

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