A Quick Self Care Resource Round Up

A Quick Self Care Resource Round Up

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Compiled by Michaella Pontacoloni

Creating a self-care plan

A self-care plan may seem unnecessary. But it is a great way to have a plan in place in those moments when self-care is most needed. And once you’ve got one you can share with others about how they can build one for themselves.  This article helps to explain how to find the best self-care tricks for you and how to create an effective self-care checklist that you will actually use. Remember, aim to keep the stress out of self-care.

Need a shortcut? Here is a short list of key self-care questions to focus your needs.

Self-care tips for parents & kids

Parents and caretakers, looking for a few family mindfulness tips? Here’s a brief article about practicing and leading family mindfulness. It provides strategies and ways to practice mindfulness in our daily activities. Remember practicing mindfulness, helps you practice self-care.

Want some ideas on sharing the importance of self-care for your children and how to create a self-care checklist with them?  Check out this article

Self-care tips for educators

Educators need self-care too.  What better way to model the positive behaviors you wish to see than to practice them yourself first?  This article has 5 simple self-care tips for online educators.  

Here is a brief resource page, providing resources in Self-care for educators and others alike. 

Self-care tips for school-based mental health professionals

This is a short video identifying ways to self-care for school-based mental-health professionals. 

Self- care tips for health professionals & nurses

If you are a healthcare professional, you very likely are already aware that sel-care matters.  Check out this self-care resource page for nurses and health professionals alike. Including simple self-care ideas, helplines, and ways to increase one’s immune system. 

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