Teamwork is an important part of life and SEL. As we go through life, there are many situations where we need to act and play like a team – we see this in many situations such as educators working together to make sure their students are growing or a sales team making sure they hit their numbers for the end of the month or family members working together to care for the younger and older members and so many more areas. These are just a few examples where teamwork matters, not to mention all the team sports out there that we enjoy watching and participating in. Unfortunately though many people do not always see the importance of team activities as they would rather “get the best grade/report/sale/etc.” or they believe that they could do a better job on their own. 

Now, team activities teach a whole plethora of SEL skills from communication to emotional regulation. But team activities also help people find commonalities between each other and find themselves a part of a community. As mentioned before, team activities make some people uncomfortable, but that just means they need to practice their teamwork and SEL skills a bit more.

Team activities allow us to practice our communication skills by allowing us to voice our opinions and ideas. It allows people to practice their cooperation and collaboration skills with others by combining their ideas. Along with communication, collaboration, and cooperation skills, team activities allow people to practice their emotional regulation skills. When there is a disagreement during a team activity it allows both parties to practice communicating their feelings, listening to their other persons feelings, and resolving the issue at hand so the goal can be accomplished. 

Here are some other wonderful articles on the importance of teamwork and team activities:

  • For Effective Schools, Teamwork Is Not Optional by Sean Glaze at Edutopia
    • This article explains the importance of teamwork among educators to make sure students are learning effectively and teachers are not feeling alienated or burned out
  • We All Teach SEL: Teamwork Activities and Tools for Students by Danny Wagner at
    • This short article provides educators with some great ways to integrate teamwork into their classroom. This article has activities for all types of classrooms from Math to Social Studies to homework.
  • Team-Building Activities to Help Students Reconnect in the Classroom by Joe Shim at Edutopia
    • This article discusses ways to rebuild student relationships and reconnecting after Covid. Some of these activities can be done online, but many of them are also meant for in-person classes. These activities are not only great for students returning to the classroom, but also wonderful for when new students join the class or coming back from a long vacation.

We hope this encourages you to step out of your comfort zone and try more team activities. We also hope you encourage your students to give more team activities a try.

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