We all know how important friendships can be, especially in times of uncertainty. During the Covid-19 pandemic many of us realized how important friendships can be and as our lives begin to go back to normal it is more important than ever to cherish these friendships. There are many benefits of friendships, one of them being the companionship they provide and decreased health risks as seen in this article. This interview with Lydia Denworth on her book about friendship with The Greater Good explains that friendships are not just good for children but adults as well. Friendships help to provide social skills and social connections with others. Friendships also teach us to create strong bonds with others based on similar interests other than familial relations.

This article, Friendships: Enrich your life and improve your health, by MayoClinic discusses the importance of friendships throughout life, how to make new friends and keep past friendships going, and the many benefits of friendships. Some of the benefits that friendships provide are increased sense of belonging, increased positive mood, decrease stress, improve self-confidence and self-worth, help to cope in times of stress, and encourage healthy lifestyle. Making Good Friends by HelpGuide.org discusses the many benefits of quality friendships and how to meet new friends and create new meaningful friendships. 

While we all know friendships are important for adults, we also know they are especially important for children. This article discusses the importance of early childhood friendships such as beginning to learn social skills, conversation skills, and how to be empathetic to others. Early childhood friendships also help to build high self-esteem, create a sense of belonging, and decrease anxiety and stress. The article also discusses how parents can help encourage positive friendships such as modeling friendship skills, encouraging friendships, respecting their personality, and always being there for them. The importance of childhood friendships, and how to nurture them by The Washington Post discusses the benefits of early childhood friendships, such as helping to develop social and emotional skills, a sense of belonging, decreasing stress, and decreasing health issues.

We hope that this inspires you to reach out to a friend you haven’t heard from you in a while and to encourage your kids to make a new friend this summer.

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