The Importance of Gratitude in SEL

The Importance of Gratitude in SEL

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By Michaella Pontacoloni

Gratitude is not only for Thanksgiving, but it is important to practice gratitude all year long. Did you ever notice that when actively practicing gratitude, not just mindlessly saying “thanks” to someone, it makes you feel a little happier inside? According to The Greater Good at Berkeley gratitude is beneficial for one’s emotional and mental health as it allows you to focus on the positives in your life instead of always striving for the next best thing. Not only is active gratitude important for your mental health, but it is important for your physical wellbeing too. Psychology Today notes that actively practicing gratitude allows you to feel less stressed, sleep better, and have a stronger immune system. Not only is gratitude beneficial for yourself, but it is beneficial for those you thank and appreciate – but we all know how nice it feels to have someone let us know that we are appreciated. 

If you are looking for ways to improve your gratitude skills check out this article by Mindful. This resource explains how and why it can be beneficial to change up how you show your gratitude towards others and yourself. 

If you are looking for resources to help include gratitude in your classroom, check out this resource list from Common Sense Education.

Remember though, gratitude isn’t just for adults, it’s important for humans of all ages to practice gratitude. If you are looking for ways to help explain and foster gratitude in children take a look at this article by Very Well Mind. Also take a look at this article by The Greater Good at Berkeley which provides a few more ways to help foster gratitude in children. 

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