The Magic of an SEL Christmas

The Magic of an SEL Christmas

Talking about Santa can be a magical way to improve your young child’s SEL skills. Here are conversations you can start having today.

Santa embodies the joy of giving. Involve preschoolers in activities like making cards for others, sharing toys, or participating in a toy drive for those in need. Discuss how giving brings joy to Santa and how it feels to help others.

Use stories about Santa to discuss how he might feel when he’s happy, sad, or worried. Encourage children to imagine how others feel when they receive or don’t receive gifts. This helps in understanding emotions and empathy.

Waiting for Santa’s arrival can teach patience and self-control. Create a countdown calendar or use another visual to help children understand the passage of time. This could help them learn to manage their emotions and impulses.

Encourage children to write heartfelt letters to Santa, expressing their wishes and feelings. This can promote communication skills and the ability to express thoughts and emotions effectively.

Discuss how different families celebrate different holidays and traditions. Use Santa’s global journey to explore other cultures and customs, fostering an appreciation for diversity.

Challenge children with open-ended questions about Santa’s gift delivery challenges. Consider asking how Santa delivers presents to children who don’t have chimneys. Encourage creative problem-solving and critical thinking.

Engage children in activities where they work together, like creating decorations or preparing for a holiday-themed performance. Emphasize the importance of working as a team, just like Santa’s elves. 

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