We talk a lot about the value of listening skills as part of SEL work.  So we couldn’t let July pass without noting that July 18th was World Listening Day, a day dedicated to taking a moment to pause and listen to the world around you. This article by National Today explains what world listening day is, the history behind it, how to celebrate it, and why it is important to celebrate it. Here is a brief article on this year’s World Listening Day theme “THE UNQUIET EARTH.” This year’s theme was created by Raquel Castro to help us stop and listen to the earth in ways we wouldn’t normally. His intention was to help us remember that we share this planet with living things that may not normally make sounds such as fish, plants, and the planet itself. 

As we discuss World Listening Day we thought that it would be a great time to remind everyone about mindful listening. This great article by Mindful and this article by Mindworks explains why mindful listening is so important, but also the difficulties of listening. These articles specifically speak to why mindful listening helps you pay better attention to the people in your life, but it can also help you to pay attention to our world and yourself. You can see in this article by Develop Good Habits that mindful listening helps you become more self-aware, build deeper relationships with others, and have better working relationships with your colleagues.

Mindful listening is great for building relationships with yourself, your friends and family, and your colleagues, but it is also great for reconnecting with nature and the world around you. This article by MindfulZen explains some great ways to practice mindful listening, such as simply stopping and listening to the sounds around you. While this article explains how practicing mindfulness can help you to reconnect with nature. Although it mentions to walk and observe or to sit and observe nature, it goes hand in hand with World Listening Day – a time where you can sit and listen to nature or walk and listen to nature. Here, 3 Outdoor Mindfulness Activities to Do in Nature, is another great article on how to reconnect with nature through mindful meditation. The article explains the importance of mindfulness and how to practice it in a way to observe the wonderful world around us. 

We hope that this inspires you to go outside and take in the wonderful world around you! 

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