World Teachers’ Day

World Teachers’ Day

Did you know that World Teachers Day is celebrated on October 5th? This is a day to celebrate educators around the world – to say thank you for all that you do with the resources you have. We all know that educators play a huge role in our lives and in our children’s lives. They help us practice and learn STEM, reading and writing, art and music, SEL skills, and so much more! 

This wonderful day to appreciate our educators was originally created in 1994 by UNESCO. This day was created as a means to acknowledge the important role that educators play in changing the lives of our children and to commemorate the rights and responsibilities that educators take on in their profession. For more information on this history behind this wonderful day please check out UNESCO’s resource page here.  

This is a day to pause and reflect on the importance of educators in our lives and the changes they have made in our children’s lives too. Although this is a one day event, that does not mean that we need to forget about thanking or appreciating educators the rest of the year – remember that our educators not only take their work home at night (grading assignments, planning lessons, and thinking about new ways to help their students grow) but they also work all summer long (setting up classrooms, learning new ways to help students, understanding new ways of teaching, and so much more). Being a teacher has never been so difficult either, facing challenges of Covid-19, learning how to teach virtually, and being overall creative in their lesson plans to keep students interested and focused on the material at hand instead of the technology in their pockets. 

We hope that this inspires you and your students to thank the educators in your lives! If you need some inspiration on how to do this we recommend writing a personal thank you card or note, making them a piece of creative artwork, giving them a gift of their favorite sweet, or providing them with classroom needs. Below are some more articles on how to thank educators all year long:

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Now, don’t forget to thank your educators!

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