Mindfulness Tools

Please find the newest mindfulness tools at the bottom of this page! Spring Meditation “Do you have two minutes? That’s enough time to recharge and refocus. Take a quick break to enjoy this spring-inspired guided meditation, led by Neda Gould, Ph.D., director of the Johns Hopkins Mindfulness Program. #MindfulMeditation #JohnsHopkins” https://youtu.be/-V3OU_NF4qs Mindful Eating Mindful Eating […]

Celebrate Juneteenth

SEL4CT celebrates Juneteenth, the federal holiday commemorating the emancipation of enslaved Black Americans and deriving its name from combining “June” and “nineteenth.” This is a day everyone can celebrate the resilience and achievements of Black Americans. Integrating the significance of Juneteenth into SEL curricula, educators can create opportunities for youth to deepen their understanding of […]


blue and white academic hat

Students across the state are graduating from college and moving forward with their lives. Some of these students are considering college or trade school; others are entering the workforce, while others are taking a break before applying. These students have faced many challenges over the past couple of years, including the covid pandemic, transitions from […]


As we celebrate Pride Month 2023 it’s essential to understand the role SEL plays in supporting a queer person’s social and emotional development.  Self-Awareness and Self-acceptance: SEL promotes self-awareness, which includes understanding and accepting one’s own identity. For queer individuals, this can involve exploring and understanding their sexual orientation or gender identity, accepting themselves, and […]

Welcome Ashton

We want to welcome Ashton Gauthier to the Network Team. Ashton has joined us as the new SEL4CT Campaign Coordinator. She is a former 21st CCLC and State After School Grant Program Director with extensive experience working with out-of-school time programs to develop strategies to promote positive learning climates and support all learners’ social and […]

Enthusiastic SEL

Have you ever run into someone who just does not share the same passion about a topic as you? How about someone who does not share the same passion about SEL as you do? Well, we might not be exactly sure how some people don’t share the same level of passion for SEL as we […]


What do sports teams, group projects, and the workforce all have in common? Teamwork! Teamwork plays an important role in many of our social aspects of life including classroom activities, social activities, and employment activities. There is a large chance you will need skills to work with others to accomplish a goal. Although many of […]

Intrinsic Motivation

Why do we do what we do? Why do we behave in certain ways? Motivation! Motivation – be that intrinsic or extrinsic – leads us to behave in a certain way at a certain time. Motivation is clearly an important part of our lives, our student’s lives, and our children’s lives. Motivation determines if we […]

Problem Solving

We face problems every day – from determining what to wear in the morning, what to pack for lunch, communicating a confusion about an assignment, or dealing with an individual that might be getting on your nerves. But how do we learn skills to solve problems? What skills do we need to solve problems? How […]

Compassion Beats Entitlement!

Entitlement has been on the rise over the years and seems to be at an all time high. With entitlement on the rise of society, we at SEL4CT wanted to discuss what entitlement is, how to deal with entitled behavior, and most importantly how compassion can be used to defuse entitlement. According to WebMD and […]

Making Meaningful Connections to Beat Loneliness

We all know how horrible it is to feel alone when you don’t want to feel alone. During the pandemic social isolation increased people’s feelings of loneliness and human connection causing a spike in mental illness. Although we are arguably no longer in the pandemic and social isolation is not mandatory, loneliness is still impacting […]