Celebrating SEL Day 2022!

Update: SEL Day 2022 Unfortunately, we did not receive any participation in our 2022 SEL Day activity. We hope though that our notification of the day enticed you to promote information about SEL to your community. Although SEL Day has passed, we are still excited to hear and read your SEL success stories. Please see […]

Jumping for Joy!

Joy, an important part of everyone’s life. We all want to be joyful, but sometimes that can be hard. Perhaps you are going through a difficult time in your life or maybe its the drab winter weather that has got you down. Either way, we all experience times in our lives when we wish we […]


Empathy, as defined by Psychology Today, is the ability to understand, recognize, and share the emotions of others. Empathy is both a trait that comes naturally to some, and a skill that others may need to work at. Empathy is also an important aspect of social emotional learning as it allows us to better understand […]

Hobby Time

Have you ever been caught off guard by the question: “So what do you like to do in your free time?” Do you first think to yourself “HA! What free time?” and then respond with some simple answer of a hobby you used to have, or simply just say you don’t have much free time. […]

Remember to Fill Your Cup!

As we come to the end of February we wanted to discuss the importance of loving oneself. Now we know that this might seem like a similar topic that we discussed last month: Self-Compassion. Ackerman explains the difference between these two concepts in their article What is Self-Compassion and What is Self-Love? To summarize Ackerman, […]

SEL Day: March 11, 2022

Can you believe that SEL Day 2022 is only TWO months away?! We are so excited to see what milestones we can reach this year for SEL Day. The theme this year is:  Finding common ground, Pursuing common good. Some of you might notice that SEL Day is a bit earlier this year as they […]

Healthy Routines

Routines are an important part of our daily lives and important for our mental health. As many of us have New Year’s resolutions and goals, now is a great time to learn how to create and stick to a routine.  Routines allow us to manage the multitude of tasks that we juggle daily. According to […]

The Power of Self-Compassion

As the new year rolls in and many of us are making New Year’s resolutions – or even avoiding the new year tradition all together – it is important to remember that it is okay to mess up your resolution, ignore it completely, or not even make one.  That’s right, we’re talking about self-compassion in […]

Healthy Boundaries

As we come to the end of January and winter, life, and expectations encroach on  our boundaries; the lines between work and life tend to get a bit more blurred. Regardless, we know how important healthy boundaries are and that is exactly what we want to discuss today. Healthy boundaries allow us to create a […]

Making Space For Family

While the holiday season brings a lot of joy, excitement and fun, the holidays can also be a difficult time for many of us.   Some of us have to deal with the stress of opposing opinions, beliefs, and practices of family members; others don’t have a family to turn to during this season; and still […]