Got tea?

Did you know that January 12th is National Hot Tea day? Inspired by this celebration of the delightful hot beverage we at SEL4CT decided that we should spill some tea on the pros and cons of spilling the tea! Gossiping, also known as “spilling the tea,” has been typically seen as a negative aspect of […]

Martin Luther King Day & Community

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day is observed annually on the third Monday in January. This day commemorates the life and work of Dr. King in the American civil rights movement. Britannica notes that this is a day for people not only to commemorate Dr. King, but also to reflect on racial equality and nonviolent […]

Happy Holidays!

As we come to the end of the year and winter approaches all too quickly we wanted to take time to acknowledge all the different holidays our students might be celebrating. The resources below provide information, videos, celebratory foods, and traditions on these different holidays. We also wanted to provide you with some culturally aware […]

Giving Back

Have you ever felt that warm and fuzzy sensation after helping someone in need? That’s right! We are talking about volunteering. Often organizations in need find lots of new volunteers this time of year as the spirit of the holidays moves them to find a way to give back to their community.  If volunteering calls […]

Holiday Self-Care

As we come to the end of the year and the discussions of new year’s resolutions begin to pop up around us we wanted to take a moment to remind everyone of the importance of self-care. As you continue to care for your students, your colleagues, your friends, your family, we don’t want you to […]

SEL Snowman

With winter breaks around the corner we wanted to provide all of our parents, child care professionals, and educators with a fun little packet called the SEL Snowman. You can use this activity as part of a discussion about feelings and how facial expressions can reveal how someone is feeling.  The packet includes a blank […]

SEL and Work

We at SEL4CT wanted to bring some awareness to the importance of SEL skills in our older students and our own lives. Many times when we discuss SEL we focus on elementary and middle school aged children, forgetting about the importance of SEL in all stages of life. SEL teaches us how to communicate effectively […]

What to do After Graduation?

“Where do you want to go to college?” is a question so many high school students get asked. However, we don’t always realize the amount of pressure this places on high school students to go to college. Making the decision to go to college is a very stressful subject for many students. Although our SEL […]

Gratitude: Giving Thanks

As the holiday season rolls in we wanted to discuss the importance of gratitude in SEL. Gratitude helps people to practice mindfulness, increase empathy, and can increase emotional awareness in oneself. Greater Good, Psychology Today, and Harvard explain that regular practice of gratitude can increase the positive emotions and decrease depression and stress. However, these […]

Native American Heritage Month

November is Native American Heritage Month and we at SEL4CT wanted to take some time to acknowledge how you and your students might increase your knowledge of this history. The National Native American Heritage Month website provides lots of information about the history of how this month came to be, multiple educational resources for educators, […]