National Bullying Prevention Month 2022

October is National Bullying Prevention Month. Did you know that National Bullying Prevention Month first originated in 2006 and was only a week long, it was not until 2010 that it became a full month of awareness. National Bullying Prevention Month was created by PACER – check out their website here for more history on […]

World Teachers’ Day

Did you know that World Teachers Day is celebrated on October 5th? This is a day to celebrate educators around the world – to say thank you for all that you do with the resources you have. We all know that educators play a huge role in our lives and in our children’s lives. They […]

Mistakes & Learning

Mistakes are a natural part of learning just about anything – it is actually very hard to learn without making mistakes along the way. For this reason, making mistakes and learning are a huge part of SEL. For example – think about a time when you were angry and reacted irrationally, how did that impact […]

Indigenous Peoples’ Day

This is the second year that a United States president has officially recognized Indigenous Peoples’ Day, even though people have been fighting for this day since 1992. NPR explains that Indigecnous Peoples’ Day helps to correct the “whitewashing” and inaccuracies portrayed through the Christopher Colubus narrative. This day is different from Native American Heritage month […]

Inclusion: Embracing Differences

Diversity and differences can be what makes the human population so amazing and beautiful. Embracing these differences is the most important part of inclusion and SEL. Although diversity and inclusion sound like they are at opposite sides of the spectrum, they are more related than one might assume. Diversity focuses on representation of different people […]

Halloween & SEL

As Halloween approaches we wanted to discuss how you might be able to include SEL into your Halloween festivities. Halloween is a great time to practice many SEL skills with our kids and students. We can use this time to discuss the importance of sharing, listening to our parents about safety, self-awareness of our own […]

Calm Corners

Calm-down corners are an important part of social and emotional learning as it helps students to practice self-awareness, self-regulation and emotional control, along with communication and social skills. Calm-down corners are a wonderful SEL tool as it provides a place for kids to go when they are feeling overwhelmed and need a moment to collect […]

Challenges of a New Class

As we come to the end of September some of us might be feeling a bit discouraged and/or frustrated by some of our students’ behaviors. It is totally normal to have these feelings – especially when things were going well the first couple of weeks. When you are feeling discouraged though it is important to […]

Mindful Schools in CT

SEL & Mindfulness are an important aspect of every student’s education. However, not every school makes their SEL and mindfulness resources easily accessible to their students and students’ families. That is why we at SEL4CT decided to see what public schools in Connecticut were doing to make their SEL & Mindfulness education more accessible through […]

SEL Skills To Go

As the need for SEL continues to be recognized we have decided to put together a list of SEL resources. The resources below contain articles and activities to help students (and adults) practice their SEL skills. We have broken the resources down by place to practice skills and by skill type. We hope that these […]